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Pan Pacific Singapore

Why Pan Pacific Singapore Remains Adorable for Decades

Pan Pacific Singapore represents one of the most stylish Singapore hotels in the beautiful Marina Bay area. It lies nicely at the vibrant Raffles Boulevard that is on the opposite roadside of Marina Square.

It becomes the destination for travelers or mostly business people who can access this hotel easily by most public transportations. It is easy to reach this hotel through several MRT stations like City Hall and Promenade.

The Enchantingly Refurbished Pan Pacific Singapore Lobby

Launched to the public in November 1986, it is nice to have the lobby fully refurbished in 2012. With the estimation of eighty million dollars of renovation by the famous CHADA, there are new performances from the lobby and executive lounge, restaurants, and guest rooms. All of them are newly refurbished surprises everybody.

The lobby welcomes all guests with the strong contemporary architecture that mixes with a minimalist design that relates to the original neo-futuristic accent of John Portman.

After making reservations at the reception area, guests can take the bubble lifts for taking them to their rooms on any of the 35 floors in the atrium. The lift is very interesting as the sunlight breaks through from above. The reflecting indoor pool enhances the brightness of this transparent lift.

Giant Lantern to Enjoy Complimentary Drink and Excellent Snacks above the Wide-Sized Bar

The attractive part of the Pan Pacific Singapore among other Singapore hotels is the timber seating pods that are located in the lobby’s central area. The location of all pods is right below the skylight. People who look on these pods will imagine seeing floating lanterns on ‘the water’.

Without a doubt, guests will always try sitting on these pods to enjoy some beverages and snacks while doing their tasks, reading, or merely taking pictures for their social media accounts.

The water beneath the pods is the watering hole of the hotel, called the atrium. This 44-meter-bar is the longest one in Asia. Its ambiance is very modern and can accommodate many guests, without causing a crowded atmosphere. Guests will remain comfortable in sitting on the very soft and comfy sofas and dining chairs.

Remote working is what most guests prefer here. As one of the most recommended staycation Singapore hotels, the bar has another side that allows remote workers to finish their jobs without any disturbance. The open areais cozy and serene. Of course, there are lots of power outlets to make things easier. WiFi connection is fast and free for anyone, without any password required for accessing it.

For another culinary experience, The Pacific Club on the hotel’s top floor is the best deal. It is open every day from 1 PM to 10 PM for adults only.Decades ago, this lounge was exclusively accessed byGHA Black members, though it is now accessible for any guest.

Pan Pacific Singapore still adores everyone, who might be confused in choosing one of so many impressive Singapore hotels. Regardless of its decades of establishment, it maintains its charm through excellent services and facilities for all guests.

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