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Why Do You Have to Take a Staycation at Mandarin Orchard Hotel Singapore

Why Do You Have to Take a Staycation at Mandarin Orchard Hotel Singapore?

Not only offering restaurants and rooms with an elegant feel, but Mandarin Orchard Singapore Hotel also provides facilities for visitors who want to exercise in the morning, even in the afternoon. The facilities are also quite complete and adequate so you can find out more information through the following review.

Regency Suite

The regency suite consists of a separate living and dining room and even has full access to the Meritus Club Lounge. The bathroom facilities are classy and complete, starting from the branded toiletry range and deep soaking bathtub.

Presidential Suite

The next room type is the presidential suite with an area of ​​154 square meters. The bedroom is equipped with a work area and a sophisticated communication network that is quite adequate. Guests can also have full access to enjoy the beautiful night view at the Meritus Lounge Club.

Handy Smartphone

This one reason is simple compared to other reasons, but it can make you more efficient when spending vacation time. When staying at Mandarin Orchard Singapore, you will get a Handy Phone or a unique cellphone that you can use to explore the Singapore area.

On your cellphone, there is already information related to the tourist attractions you want to go to. You can see the maps, ticket prices, to free internet facilities. Very complete and cool, right? You can also call relatives or relatives who live in Indonesia for free.

Tennis court

Those of you who have expertise in playing tennis should always practice your skills by playing at the facilities provided by these SingaporeRediscovers Vouchers. The operating hours are from 6 am to 8 pm.

How do you make the right strokes when playing tennis? The body should always be forward and space, so you can hit by coming and picking up the ball directly. Look at the position of the ball and you can decide what force you want to use, such as the power of spin or thrust.

Do not forget to warm up first before starting to exercise so that there are no injuries or other unexpected things. Do not hit the ball carelessly because a good shot certainly contains the power of spin and encouragement to help each other.

Before exercising, you must have breakfast first or consume a tea that has been provided by the hotel. The dishes provided to be the menu of your breakfast are quite varied, ranging from Asian and Western-style dishes.

The facilities provided by the Mandarin Orchard Singapore Hotel meet the needs of all visitors. That way, the entrance ticket becomes more worth it and is more adequate following the accommodation provided.

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