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One Farrer Hotel Services That Will Make Your Staycation Enjoyable

One Farrer Hotel is a place that will give you many services during a vacation. You can get early check-in services if you need to. After you come to that place, you can go through the elevator. The hotel has a restaurant with many different menus too.  

There are some options for breakfast restaurant menus, dinner restaurant menus, and lunch restaurant menus. You can get the best room service there. If you need to save some necessary things, you can put them inside a safety deposit box in your room. There is some more information about this hotel. 


This inn provides complete facilities from meeting rooms, restaurants, coffee shops, exclusive floors, room service, shopping centers, luggage storage, facilities for disabled guests, and a business center. However, you are obliged to try the spa facilities as their service.

The price is affordable, but it’s worth it for those of you who want to stay overnight. There are some reasons why you have to take a staycation here. It is because this hotel has received a lot of positive reviews and a score of nine, which means it is close to an almost perfect rating.

The spa room is on the eighth floor, the same as the location of the gym which is open 24 hours. This hotel is very concerned with the needs of visitors because the gym is very spacious with complete equipment.

Special Events In Your Room

If you ask about a special event held in a hotel room, you can request it and send a request to the staff. Large events and gatherings such as weddings can also be plans that have been arranged in advance.

Events that invite families to celebrate birthdays can also be held. No need to worry about food because the hotel restaurant provides international and national menus which are served a la carte during opening hours.

In your room, there are some facilities that you can get. You will not get bored while watching some programs on cable TV. If you want to read a book or enjoy the landscape outside, you can open the window or sit at a desk. There is also a hairdryer for you, to make your look better. 

There is an in-room safe and refrigerator in your room. You can keep some mineral water or snacks there. If you want to take a bath, you do not need to worry because there is not only a bath up there but also a shower.

Easy Route to Hotel

You can access One Farrer Hotel via the airport by paying an additional fee of 161 SGD. Please use the section to ‘tell your needs’. Guests who wish to bring their car can use the facilities in the form of a large and adequate parking area.

Free parking is available for guests, including a valet service that will make it easier for you. The hotel will also help by providing taxi services to get around. So, do you want to have a staycation here?

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