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Memorable Singapore Staycation and Recommended Place to Stay, Shangri La

Memorable Singapore Staycation and Recommended Place to Stay, Shangri La

Singapore Staycation is a very pleasant vacation agenda. There are many tourist attractions in Singapore like Marina Bay Sands, Gardens By The Way, Sentosa Island, Universal Studios, and the Singapore Botanical Gardens. If you want to know where to stay, Shangri La Singapore is good. Here are the reasons. 

Numerous Rooms to Stay

Shangri La Singapore’s greatness in size also balances with the number of rooms. It has 792 rooms for you to stay. You will find all of them located in three different wings. The first one is the Tower Wing. This wing enables you to experience its exceptional contemporary ambiance. Besides, this tower has a beautiful design because of the newest renovation in May 2016. You can spend a long stay in this hotel. It allows you to explore every single part of the hotel building. 

Deluxe Room becomes its leading room and has 38 m² wide. It is a comfortable room to stay. You will get all you expect from this luxury hotel. There is one thing you should know about this wing. The Tower Wing is popular for business trips. Moreover, it also presents the visitor with an ideal combination of luxury and functionality.

The second is the Garden Wing. Here, you can feel more about a resort-like ambiance. You can explore the uniqueness of this wing. In this wing, each room has a private balcony. You can find the suites in this wing. Moreover, each has a hot tub, large sundeck, and barbeque pit. 

This room type is perfect for spending your vacation. If you are planning to bring your family, you can select this room as an option. The last is the Valley Wing. It presents you with the classic design of the hotel. Aside from that, you can see the most luxurious part of the hotel. 

Besides, its exclusive design attracts many visitors, including celebrities from all over the world. Get expansive rooms that feature you with a high level of luxurious comfort in this wing. 

Selections Wellness Package

Shangri La Singapore also provides you with various wellness package. Its pleasant service includes taking care of its clients’ health. Therefore, the hotel has several packages that you can select. All packages offer you some activities and meals that focus on maintaining a healthy life. The packages option include yoga, cooking class, massage, and many more. 

These packages are perfect for those who are planning to stay a minimum of two nights. Well-trained hotel staff will help you to take care of your body. If you arrive in the afternoon, you can start with an aqua cycling class. Join this class in the evening at the hotel’s outdoor pool. You will spend around an hour doing this activity. 

After that, extend the wellness service by having a healthy dinner. The meal provides you with fruits, vegetables, and other elements that are good for your health. The meal ingredients are suitable for a body detox as well. 

Enjoy a healthy dinner without gluten or refined sugars. It will be a memorable experience during your stay in this hotel. The next day does a yoga class in the morning followed by a massage in the hotel spa. 

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